Saturday, January 5, 2008

Our 1st Blog!

This is our 1st Blog. Our Blog is named "Our Road to Freedom", because we are on the "road" to meeting our goal of the utlimate Full Time in our RV.

We have been blessed with two great kids. They are 16 and 15, a Junior and Sophmore in High School. Maria and I are doing everything we can to get them to be fine young men. We are preparing them to grow up and have the "wings" we did, and fly the coop! (Pray for us).

So, this blog will document our pursuit of the lifestyle we know we will have one day. So be patient and enjoy the ride along with us.

For our RV Family, Maria and I are looking forward to your thoughts and guidance along this trip. We are looking for you to keep us on-track, and keep our sights on that wonderful day when we sell our home, retire from the rat-race and move into our RV FULL TIME!

Thank you for taking the time to read....until next time....