Thursday, July 17, 2008

Alive and Well....

As my title suggests, we're all doing fine. Thanks to everyone who had Tom in your thoughts and prayers. He's doing very well now and back to his teenage boy antics. So we know he's doing better.

Joseph has been hard at work this summer with our neighbor who owns many rentals. Joseph has been helping him restore/remodel them. That's great because he gets paid a reasonable pay and also learning great skills that he can use when he owns his own home.

Maria has been working very long hours with her daycare. She's very busy, I think she has 8 kids...WOW...that's just too much for me. But she does it and she loves doing it.

Me--well I've been busy with work and school. This next week is my last week for summer session with Columbia. I have been taking Human Resource Management and Marketing Management. I just completed my HR research project and I need to fine-tune my Marketing project and turn that in today.

So I will be free from school from 26 July to 10 August. Not very long, but I'll take what I can get. Next semester I'm taking Organizational Behavior and Macroeconmics.

We are planning an RV trip 2 and 3 August..maybe. We need to see what our kids are doing, but we may go to San Luis Obispo (Morro Bay) and stay for the weekend.

Hope all is going well with all the RV families.

As always, I wish you safe travels!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Joey!!

Today is the birthday of our oldest son, Joseph. He's 17!!!!

We're getting ready to take him out to dinner, his choice. This is a tradition we do, either we go out to eat, their choice, or Maria makes dinner, their choice. Either way it's always good food!

So tonight we're going out to eat, just don't know where yet. Joey worked today for our neighbor who has rentals and he just got home. He'll decide in a few minutes then we'll be on our way. I hope he chooses our favorite Mexican restaurant, La Fiesta. I could really go for a carne asada burritto today.

BTW, in 37 days our 2nd son, Thomas will be 16. Can't believe they're so old....that means I'm getting older...!