Monday, December 22, 2008

18 years!!!

Today marks our 18th wedding anniversary! We met in 1989 in Philadelphia and married about 22 months later on December 22, 1990 in Fresno, California. We had a grand wedding - which my grandmother and mother completely planned and executed. Maria's family did not come from Iceland for the gala event, but very much there in spirit.
We spent our 10th wedding anniversary in Iceland; as we were stationed there from Jan 2000 through Oct 2002. We were seriously planning on renewing our vows in Iceland so her entire family could witness the event, but it just didn't happen - a regret we now have.
Today we were going to celebrate by going to the Olive Garden then a "fun and exciting" trip to CostCo., but we decided we didn't want to drive the 25 miles on-way after we've worked all day. So we'll go this weekend. I will make the CostCo trip on Wednesday (very early am - like 1st customer stuff....) to get our tri-tip for the Christmas meal.

So, here we are waiting for Tom and my Mom to come back from SubWay with our dinner - YES - we're having SubWay on our anniversary night. We'll probably watch a bit of TV, me on RV-dreams chat, then off to finish celebrating......!!!!