Sunday, November 30, 2008

Return from the sunny California Coast

We had a great time this past weekend. I left Wednesday with my Mom and dog in the MH with me at 10:00 am, we got there just after noon and got everything set up. Maria and the boys (and 3 of their friends) arrived about 7:00 pm and the boys got the tents up. The boys only stayed there for the night. The next day my brother Mike, Susie, Sunny, Ashley and Dusty all showed up at Pismo and got things set-up for them. They came over to the base and we had a great Thanksgiving dinner with all the traditional food - it was very good and enough to feed all of us for the next 2 days. I didn't realize how much food we had.

So everything we went well over the weekend and noone was injured at that crazy Pismo Dunes - that was a relief.

We got home yesterday around 1:00 pm. The motorhome is parked at the base RV Park as I still need to get it cleaned and get the food out. Maria and I are "planning" on going on a weekend trip this next weekend to an RV park that is about 25 miles from us on a river. We're not sure whether we'll do this, but I'm hoping we do.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Safe travels to all.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

MH is out of storage!!

Yes good news....we have taken the MH out of storage. I know I've said this before, but we're very glad that we have our MH parked on the base RV storage lot. It makes easier when we need to clean, prepare for departure, return from a trip, etc. We take it from the storage lot (very secure with a pin-pad lock/gate), then we just drive about 1 block to the base RV Park and we have instant FHUs. BTW, they have 20, 30 and 50 amp hookups with water, sewer and cable...all for 22.00/night. The campground doesn't have the "IT FACTOR"; as Howard on RV-Dreams describes campgrounds, but it works.

OK, so our plans: My Mom and I will leave Wednesday morning around 0800 and we'll drive to San Luis Obispo California Army National Guard base. The base has an RV park (no "IT FACTOR" there either - but could have very easily) where will be staying until Saturday. The best thing this base offers is security, cheap rental at 16.00/night and it's only 10 minutes from Morro Bay. If you want to read about this park see

Maria and the boys will be leaving the house around 1500 and get there right about dark, so I'll have to prepare dinner for them (yes easy stuff....sandwiches); maybe my Mom will make them and I'll just look busy.

So we'll be spending the Thanksgiving weekend with my brothers that will be staying at Pismo Beach which is about 12 miles south of SLO. Although we're not in the same campground we'll still get together throughout the day for lunch/dinner, good times and all that family stuff.

Anyway, should be a fun week.

For all those on road - safe travels.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cruzin' along...

Well we're certainly cruzin' through this month. Today is 15 November, just another 45 days and 2008 will be over--Unbelievable! We're looking forward to an RV trip Thanksgiving weekend; a little more on that later. I'm in school right along with Joey and Tom and Maria is hard at work with her childcare.

OK - Thanksgiving weekend plans: I will leave on Wednesday, 26 November around 0700 from the base and drive to SLO and park the MH and get it all ready. I hope to arrive around 0930 and get everyhing all set up by noon. Maria and the boys will be leaving from the house around 1500 and arrive around 1700 at the latest. So I'll get sandwiches ready for dinner when she calls me when she's 30 minutes out.

We will be staying at the SLO Army National Guard Base while my brothers will be staying at Pismo State Beach. It's about a 12 mile ride between the two places that we'll make everyday. It will be just a relaxing weekend with no specific plans except to enjoy time off from WORK and spend quality time with our family. Of course we'll go into Morro Bay and check out that quaint little town and go by the beach for a stroll a few times. I really enjoy Morro Beach - beautiful sunsets and very peaceful place to hangout.

We'll be coming home on Sunday around noon and of course getting ready for the next week.

I've been reading blogs and enjoying your travels. Yes there will come a time when Maria and I are on that open highway of freedom.

Safe journeys to all.