Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I know everyone, it's been a while since I've posted. Mainly because I have been very busy taking care of work issues and also taking two intense classes this semester. I'm taking Organizational Behavior and Social Psychology, both require LOTS of reading and writinng. And remember, these are both upper level, so the expectation of writing and research is much more than writing down some thoughts.

Maria has still be trudging along with her daycare. She has 8 full-time kids and I still, even after her doing this for 15 years, don't know how she does it. It certainly is no where near my cup of tea. But she's always smilin' and loves what she she keeps trudgin'.

Joey and Tom. Well, they are back in school and seem to be very well. I tell them both they need to make their education a priority, but remember, they're 17 and 16, so we all know they "know everything", so Dad is just a screaming ninny.

Joey graduates June 2009 then will go into the USMC. He should leave for Basic Training sometime in June 2009. He's back into his streneous exercise/diet program, so he's on that kick and that's almost impossible to get him to listen to reason about being so fanatical about that....again, remember he's 17.

Well, the 2009 RV-Dreams Rally....Maria and I have decided we WILL attend the Rally if it's West of the mighty Mississippi and if we can swing the time period. Remember, Joey is going into USMC Basic and there is no way will Maria and I miss taking him to do that very emotional wave good-bye. Believe me, I'm fine with just saying Bye and give him a hug and say...."about time you grow up!" But oh no...Maria won't let me get away with that. And of course, there is no way will I miss his graduation from Basic.

I remember when I went into the Navy. I was dropped off at the hotel in Fresno to stay the night because we leaving at 0300 the next morning. I said goodbye to my grandparents, mom and aunts/uncles and off I went. BUT (there's always a but), I forgot my running shoes, so my Mom and Aunt brought them to the hotel and of course, had to go through the goodbye all over again. After that didn't see anyone for the next 4 months. I was fine and I made it....but believe me it is different when it's your kid. No way will I miss that time.

OK, I know you're thinking...hey Steve...don't write a novel once a month. I standard statement...I'll get better.

Safe travels!