Monday, December 22, 2008

18 years!!!

Today marks our 18th wedding anniversary! We met in 1989 in Philadelphia and married about 22 months later on December 22, 1990 in Fresno, California. We had a grand wedding - which my grandmother and mother completely planned and executed. Maria's family did not come from Iceland for the gala event, but very much there in spirit.
We spent our 10th wedding anniversary in Iceland; as we were stationed there from Jan 2000 through Oct 2002. We were seriously planning on renewing our vows in Iceland so her entire family could witness the event, but it just didn't happen - a regret we now have.
Today we were going to celebrate by going to the Olive Garden then a "fun and exciting" trip to CostCo., but we decided we didn't want to drive the 25 miles on-way after we've worked all day. So we'll go this weekend. I will make the CostCo trip on Wednesday (very early am - like 1st customer stuff....) to get our tri-tip for the Christmas meal.

So, here we are waiting for Tom and my Mom to come back from SubWay with our dinner - YES - we're having SubWay on our anniversary night. We'll probably watch a bit of TV, me on RV-dreams chat, then off to finish celebrating......!!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Return from the sunny California Coast

We had a great time this past weekend. I left Wednesday with my Mom and dog in the MH with me at 10:00 am, we got there just after noon and got everything set up. Maria and the boys (and 3 of their friends) arrived about 7:00 pm and the boys got the tents up. The boys only stayed there for the night. The next day my brother Mike, Susie, Sunny, Ashley and Dusty all showed up at Pismo and got things set-up for them. They came over to the base and we had a great Thanksgiving dinner with all the traditional food - it was very good and enough to feed all of us for the next 2 days. I didn't realize how much food we had.

So everything we went well over the weekend and noone was injured at that crazy Pismo Dunes - that was a relief.

We got home yesterday around 1:00 pm. The motorhome is parked at the base RV Park as I still need to get it cleaned and get the food out. Maria and I are "planning" on going on a weekend trip this next weekend to an RV park that is about 25 miles from us on a river. We're not sure whether we'll do this, but I'm hoping we do.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Safe travels to all.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

MH is out of storage!!

Yes good news....we have taken the MH out of storage. I know I've said this before, but we're very glad that we have our MH parked on the base RV storage lot. It makes easier when we need to clean, prepare for departure, return from a trip, etc. We take it from the storage lot (very secure with a pin-pad lock/gate), then we just drive about 1 block to the base RV Park and we have instant FHUs. BTW, they have 20, 30 and 50 amp hookups with water, sewer and cable...all for 22.00/night. The campground doesn't have the "IT FACTOR"; as Howard on RV-Dreams describes campgrounds, but it works.

OK, so our plans: My Mom and I will leave Wednesday morning around 0800 and we'll drive to San Luis Obispo California Army National Guard base. The base has an RV park (no "IT FACTOR" there either - but could have very easily) where will be staying until Saturday. The best thing this base offers is security, cheap rental at 16.00/night and it's only 10 minutes from Morro Bay. If you want to read about this park see

Maria and the boys will be leaving the house around 1500 and get there right about dark, so I'll have to prepare dinner for them (yes easy stuff....sandwiches); maybe my Mom will make them and I'll just look busy.

So we'll be spending the Thanksgiving weekend with my brothers that will be staying at Pismo Beach which is about 12 miles south of SLO. Although we're not in the same campground we'll still get together throughout the day for lunch/dinner, good times and all that family stuff.

Anyway, should be a fun week.

For all those on road - safe travels.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cruzin' along...

Well we're certainly cruzin' through this month. Today is 15 November, just another 45 days and 2008 will be over--Unbelievable! We're looking forward to an RV trip Thanksgiving weekend; a little more on that later. I'm in school right along with Joey and Tom and Maria is hard at work with her childcare.

OK - Thanksgiving weekend plans: I will leave on Wednesday, 26 November around 0700 from the base and drive to SLO and park the MH and get it all ready. I hope to arrive around 0930 and get everyhing all set up by noon. Maria and the boys will be leaving from the house around 1500 and arrive around 1700 at the latest. So I'll get sandwiches ready for dinner when she calls me when she's 30 minutes out.

We will be staying at the SLO Army National Guard Base while my brothers will be staying at Pismo State Beach. It's about a 12 mile ride between the two places that we'll make everyday. It will be just a relaxing weekend with no specific plans except to enjoy time off from WORK and spend quality time with our family. Of course we'll go into Morro Bay and check out that quaint little town and go by the beach for a stroll a few times. I really enjoy Morro Beach - beautiful sunsets and very peaceful place to hangout.

We'll be coming home on Sunday around noon and of course getting ready for the next week.

I've been reading blogs and enjoying your travels. Yes there will come a time when Maria and I are on that open highway of freedom.

Safe journeys to all.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, it's been 5 weeks since I've updated. I know how long it's been because as I read other blogs I can see I'm the last one on others' "updated last" list of blogs. Of course, I just can't be last.....

So let's see, a new college semester started on Monday. I'm taking HR: Compensation and Benefits and Accounting (Financial). I guess we'll see how this semester plays out. This is my last HR Core class I will be taking. The classes I have left are: Accoutning (Managerial), Business Ethics, Business Law, Micro & Macro Economics, Business Finance, and of course, last but not least....Alegbra and Statistics! After all that...I will have my "capstone" class. Then I'm done. So looks like I'm schedule to graduate with my B.S. Business Administration with a dual major in Management and Human Resources Management in December 2009.

Maria is still very busy with her daycare, she has 9 kids enrolled. Not all at the same time, after different times. She has 8 at one time from 3:00 - 5:30, earlier its about 5 or 6 at one time. Then of course, she's busy with house stuff, our boys and well, who knows what else. I just know at the end of the day, she's pretty tired.

Our sons: well.....they're in school.

We're planning a trip to Kings Canyon NP 7 - 11 November. I will work hard on my classes to make sure I'm done with everything for the weekend so I can just sit back and relax. Cross your fingers that pans out for us.

For Thanksgiving we are planning a trip to Morro Bay / San Luis Obispo. We will be spending the weekend with my 2 brothers, their families and my Mom. First Thanksgiving we've camped, I'm sure we'll have a great time.

Well, that sums it up for now.

For all the RVers out travels. Hope to chat soon with you all.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I know everyone, it's been a while since I've posted. Mainly because I have been very busy taking care of work issues and also taking two intense classes this semester. I'm taking Organizational Behavior and Social Psychology, both require LOTS of reading and writinng. And remember, these are both upper level, so the expectation of writing and research is much more than writing down some thoughts.

Maria has still be trudging along with her daycare. She has 8 full-time kids and I still, even after her doing this for 15 years, don't know how she does it. It certainly is no where near my cup of tea. But she's always smilin' and loves what she she keeps trudgin'.

Joey and Tom. Well, they are back in school and seem to be very well. I tell them both they need to make their education a priority, but remember, they're 17 and 16, so we all know they "know everything", so Dad is just a screaming ninny.

Joey graduates June 2009 then will go into the USMC. He should leave for Basic Training sometime in June 2009. He's back into his streneous exercise/diet program, so he's on that kick and that's almost impossible to get him to listen to reason about being so fanatical about that....again, remember he's 17.

Well, the 2009 RV-Dreams Rally....Maria and I have decided we WILL attend the Rally if it's West of the mighty Mississippi and if we can swing the time period. Remember, Joey is going into USMC Basic and there is no way will Maria and I miss taking him to do that very emotional wave good-bye. Believe me, I'm fine with just saying Bye and give him a hug and say...."about time you grow up!" But oh no...Maria won't let me get away with that. And of course, there is no way will I miss his graduation from Basic.

I remember when I went into the Navy. I was dropped off at the hotel in Fresno to stay the night because we leaving at 0300 the next morning. I said goodbye to my grandparents, mom and aunts/uncles and off I went. BUT (there's always a but), I forgot my running shoes, so my Mom and Aunt brought them to the hotel and of course, had to go through the goodbye all over again. After that didn't see anyone for the next 4 months. I was fine and I made it....but believe me it is different when it's your kid. No way will I miss that time.

OK, I know you're thinking...hey Steve...don't write a novel once a month. I standard statement...I'll get better.

Safe travels!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun, fun and more fun.....

Well, the day started off with a bang. The alarm clock went off at 0645 that was intended to wake Maria up so she could get up and get going to start the preps for her "End of Summer Party" with her daycare children and parents.

Now, as you all know this type of thing isn't my cup of tea. But I knew it was the right thing to do to support Maria. So I waited until everything was set up (LOL!) then I went over. Again, she went all out with a 75 foot blow-up dragon obstacle couse and a 35 foot high blow up water slide (you know the blow up "bounce house" things). She held it at the park at the end of our block and we were there with noone else around. So that was nice. ALL of her kids showed up and most parents, but as usual some parents dropped their kids off for FIVE hours and then picked them up!

OK, I'm going on my soapbox. This was an event for the kids and parents, NOT a "daycare day". Some of these parents treated this like a "birthday party" event, and I just don't understand that. I could rattle on, but won't.

Maria had a great time with the kids, and at the conclusion of this fun-filled time were TWO pinatas, the kids (and Maria) had a good time. I guess that's all that counts.

And yes, our boys (Joey and Tom) helped her set-up and tear-down, although Joey wasn't too thrilled, but he knew it wasn't an option. (I know all you parents out there know what I'm talking about....).

OK, so now time for Steve! So after all that way too much excitement, I went home got ready to meet some of my Sailors at the Grizzlies Game in Fresno. They are the minor-league baseball team for Fresno. The played the Sacramento River Cats, and unfortunately, Fresno lost....bummer.

But here's the best part. My Mom is the HR Director for Karsyn Construction in Fresno and Karsyn has a season luxury box suite! So each game Karsyn gets 10 tickets and 5 VIP parking passes and the owner, Joe, gave me tickets for the game. So I asked all my Sailors and 8 of them went with me. We had a great time. That was the first time most of them had even been in a luxury suite, so they really enjoyed it. I will get tickets again next year and we'll go again.

So this Saturday was a fun-filled day. But certainly not as fun as if we were in our RV either on the ocean or the Sequoias. Speaking of that, we're scheduling a trip for 3-5 October to the Sequoias.

As always, safe travels to all.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fair Winds and Following Seas, Shipmate!

I had some very bad news at 0630 on the morning of Saturday, 16 August 2008. One my Sailors, HM2(AW) Athan Scott Allen had died while on a command detachment to Fairbanks, Alaska.

I have known Athan since 2003 when I met him at my last command. He was our command's Hospital Corpsman and a great "Doc" he was. When I heard in 2006 that he was going to the same squadron that I would be going to (where I'm stationed now) I was very excited. He was a great Sailor, Corpsman and friend to everyone.

I told my Commanding Officer that I wanted to be the Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO) (the military that walk to the front door and notify the PNOK/SNOK). That was by the far the hardest thing I've had to do. But I felt it my duty because I was close to him and I am his Leading Chief Petty Officer.

So I've been helping his wife get through this time and assisting her with all the appropriate arrangements. We are no where near coming to conclusion, it will probably be a good 6 months before I have all her benefits 100% completed, but I'm with her until it's completed.

It's been my honor to know Athan Allen and help his wife and daughter through this time.

I ask that all my readers say a prayer for Athan's wife, daughter, mom & dad and family and friends as they go through the grieving process.

The United States Navy has lost a true patriot!

Thank you Athan for touching the lives of those you came in contact with. You will truly be missed. Good bye Athan, you were loved.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

We've been busy!

I realize it has been exactly four weeks since I last posted. Well in the last four weeks we have all been very busy. Lots to catch up on.

Me: My usual working.....2 years, 1 month and 14 days until I retire from the USN! Also, I completed my last two college courses (Marketing MGMT and HR MGMT). I have now started to more; ORG Behavior and Social Psychology. Both classes are interesting and I'll have fun with them.

Maria: She's had 9 full time kids during the summer! I still don't know how she does that, way too much for me. The kids range from 1 to 12....that's alot of drama in the house, but she does it.

Joey: Well, his car was hit from behind by our neighbors brother. They weren't even on our block, they were about 1/2 mile from our house. Joey is fine but the car has a huge dent in the trunk and it won't close, so we have it tied down. His insurance company has not been very good, so I'm getting involved Monday. He worked the entire summer for one of our neighbors that has rentals and needed some work. Well our neighbor is a very handy-man guy, so he showed Joey how to install windows, lay wood flooring, tile bathroom, plumbing...quite a bit of work. I wish I knew how to do all that, it sure would save me a bundle with our home. But he's had a good time and made $8.00/hour!

Tom: He's completly recovered from his appendectomy on 7 July. He recovered quickly and was back to his self within a week. During the last few weeks he has spent a lot of time with his friends and cousins. He has also been a big help for Maria with her daycare. He has been practicing his driving, and should have his driver's license around the end of next month. He's a good driver, so I'm sure he'll do good on the test.

We had our niece and nephew for a few weeks during the summer. They were here at different times most of the time, except for last weekend when they were both here. Maria took the kids and my Mom to the portrait studio to take "grandkids" photos. They weren't too happy about it, but the got through it. This will be the last opportunity we would have as Joey graduates in June 09 and then going into the Marines. So my Mom wanted to get that done. OK, mission accomplished.

One bad thing to report is that we have not been RVing. We're not happy about that at all, but with Tom's surgery in July and then we had our niece and nephew..we just couldn't get away. But I'm pretty sure we'll be going in a few weeks. Our plan is to make it over to Morro Bay and also Sequoia National Park.

Well, that should catch everyone up, and as I've stated before...I'll try to get better about posting to keep everyone informed on what's going on.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Alive and Well....

As my title suggests, we're all doing fine. Thanks to everyone who had Tom in your thoughts and prayers. He's doing very well now and back to his teenage boy antics. So we know he's doing better.

Joseph has been hard at work this summer with our neighbor who owns many rentals. Joseph has been helping him restore/remodel them. That's great because he gets paid a reasonable pay and also learning great skills that he can use when he owns his own home.

Maria has been working very long hours with her daycare. She's very busy, I think she has 8 kids...WOW...that's just too much for me. But she does it and she loves doing it.

Me--well I've been busy with work and school. This next week is my last week for summer session with Columbia. I have been taking Human Resource Management and Marketing Management. I just completed my HR research project and I need to fine-tune my Marketing project and turn that in today.

So I will be free from school from 26 July to 10 August. Not very long, but I'll take what I can get. Next semester I'm taking Organizational Behavior and Macroeconmics.

We are planning an RV trip 2 and 3 August..maybe. We need to see what our kids are doing, but we may go to San Luis Obispo (Morro Bay) and stay for the weekend.

Hope all is going well with all the RV families.

As always, I wish you safe travels!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Joey!!

Today is the birthday of our oldest son, Joseph. He's 17!!!!

We're getting ready to take him out to dinner, his choice. This is a tradition we do, either we go out to eat, their choice, or Maria makes dinner, their choice. Either way it's always good food!

So tonight we're going out to eat, just don't know where yet. Joey worked today for our neighbor who has rentals and he just got home. He'll decide in a few minutes then we'll be on our way. I hope he chooses our favorite Mexican restaurant, La Fiesta. I could really go for a carne asada burritto today.

BTW, in 37 days our 2nd son, Thomas will be 16. Can't believe they're so old....that means I'm getting older...!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Update - Work & School

It has been 30 days since my last post. Not good --- I know.

The boys finished up this school year on 14 June and now they are a Senior and Junior in high school. Joey graduates June 2009 and Tom in June 2010.

I'm in summer session with Columbia on-line and taking HR Management and Marketing. Both very interesting classes...but LOTS of work. I have weekly tests and papers to write. But so far so good. I have 8 more semesters and that is taking 2 classes and maybe 3 for one or two semesters. Problem is Columbia didn't take all my transfer credits from SDCC so I need to redo a Humanities and Upper English. But I'll get through it and move onto the MBA.

Maria is hard at work taking care of her child care business and of course all things at home. I don't know how she does it all, it would drive me nuts. But she's got LOTS of energy and motivation so she perseveres through the tough stuff.

Haven't been on an RV trip since Memorial weekend. Between my school and Maria's work, we just haven't found the time for it. The boys are having fun with their friends over summer; swimming, paintballing....teenager stuff. But behaving well.

We are having friends visit us from Oregon on 5 and 6 July. We are bringing the motorhome from storage and parking it in our "RV parking" next to our house for the weekend, plug it in and it will be nice for them to stay in. It's only for one night. Then I'll take it back to storage on Monday.

We have a 18 X 45 cement slab that we poured next to our house that we used to park our quads and trailer, worked great for a few years, but this last year we sold both quads and trailer. (That hurt in the beginning, but now....well it's just "stuff"). But its use is really RV parking with an electric plug for 20amp. That works well for what we need it for A/C only. There isn't any need to use anything else when you're parked 3 feet from your house.

It sure will be a good selling point when we sell the house!!! I want to upgrade to a 50amp plug and maybe tap into our sewer line. I'll have to see what city regs say about that.

The reason I don't permanently park it at our house is because I don't like the look. We have a few neighbors that have their RV next to their house (and there's plenty room for it) but I just don't like how it looks. Something very strange about having this BIG motorhome parked between 2 houses...again, just don't care for the look.

So I pay the 20.00/month to park it on the base. I like it there because we use the base facilities to wash it, service it, etc. Also that is our "base" when we leave/return. I take it out from base storage and park it in their RV park (not much to write home about) and then get it all cleaned and go to the commissary and exchange and get what we need for the trip. We rarely bring anything from home. We have the "staples" in the motorhome and then get what we need just for the trip from the commissary or the exchange and get rollin'. It works for me.

Future plans: We are still committed to selling our house in 2010 and getting on the road in Sep 2010 (when I retire from USN). Our plan is to get on the road and then I start my MBA while we are camp hosting. We will set off to "Explore what I served to protect!"

Stay tuned for the next update!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 4 - We're Home!

I got underway from Travis AFB at 0845 and the trip was completely uneventful. No crazy traffic, thank goodness!

We had a great time and the boys as well.

Our next trip won't be until end of July. My next college semester is from 2 June through 26 July. I'm taking HR Management and Marketing...both pretty intense classes.

For all those on the road: Be safe...arrive alive!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 3 - Travis AFB FAMCAMP

Today was a good day. All the boys woke up arouond 0800 and Maria and I started making breakfast burrittos for the kids. We used 2 dozen eggs and 2 lbs of sausage. They ate it all. But good thing is they were FULL!

Well today Maria needed to leave around 1700 because Joey has an NJROTC event on Memorial Day in Fresno. He is the Drill Team Commander and needed to be there for the event at 0800, Monday.

The boys went to the skate park and "hung out" for a while then they wanted to go to the Exchange (Military "Mall") so Shane (my brother) and I took them for a while. Well actually Shane and I stayed in the Food Court and pulled out our laptops since they have free WiFi. Boy is that high-speed WiFi.

I caught up on blogs. Also went on line and checked out the website listing for the house Shane has put an offer on. Great looking house! Here's to hoping the deal goes through for him.

The time came for Maria and the boys to leave. We said our see-ya's and off they went.

After they left I took my time in rearranging the basements of the MH and putting everything away. My gosh we carry a bunch of stuff for the boys. We have 2 tents, and all the camp gear for those, 3 boogie boards for those beach trips, sports gear and numerous sleepoing bags, air mattresses, pillows....etc.! Way too much stuff! But that's what Maria wants, and we all know.....Yep, I'm not about to say much about that. I know the guys out there understand.

Tomorrow is the last leg of the trip. My Mom, Buck (our dog) will get underway back to Lemoore NAS.

Update: 27 Jul 08
This is a picture of Travis AFB Main Gate. I am posting this by request of an RV-Dreams family member, Dee. Unfortunately, all my other photos became e-waste somewhere...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 2 - Travis AFB FAMCAMP

I woke up this morning at 0400 and it was raining!! I we go, Joey and Tom and their friends aren't going to have any fun and Maria and I will have to listen to SIX teenage boys whine, moan and groan.

The boys awoke around 0800 and we didn't hear one thing! Go figure....9 hours later and I still can't believe I haven't heard one thing!

Well around 1000 it stopped raining and Joey, Nick (his best friend) and Jarrod (another friend) all left and went to the Extreme Paintball Park on base. That's the whole reason we come here. The park is about 6 square blocks of condemned military housing (one-story) and they have made a paintball park around the housing. A great idea and it makes the Travis AFB MWR a fortune! The best's on base and no rif raf will be lingering around.

Then Tom, Mike (friend) and Dusty (our nephew) went to the base skate park. It's a very big skate park and again....NO rif raf. They just called me and want a ride back to the FAMCAMP...I told them...get some exercise and skateboard or walk. "Oh come on Dad.....NOPE---I'm bloggin'!!" (Dad needs some relaxing too.)!

Tonight they are going to the movies ($1.00 on base). Then back to their tent and hang out. They'll be tired by the time they get back so they'll probably get to bed soon after that. The movie starts at 2000 so it's over around 2130.

That's the whole reason we come to Travis. A very safe place, the boys have their military ID's so they can sign their friends into the Exchange, movies, gym....and have a good time. We don't even leave the base. Everything is here and of course my favorite NO RIF RAF!!

Dee: Haven't forgotten about the picture of the main gate. I'll get it today or tomorrow. Along with other pics of Travis.

All those on the road....Be safe!

Friday, May 23, 2008

2nd Leg --- We've Arrived!

Got an early start this morning and was out the door at 0630. I had my Mom, and our dog Buck along with items Maria wanted me to take. So we left and headed to the base to get in the motorhome and get started on the four-hour journey to Travis Air Force Base.

We arrived at the RV, put all the "stuff" away and I unhooked the RV from the hook-ups and completed my "underway" checks. All set....left the base at 0745.

The ride was uneventful just chatting with my Mom and driving. Traffic??? What's that? Didn't exist on this trip. Kinda cool because I was expecting more, but maybe I'll run into some on the way home.

We arrived Travis at 1245...exactly 4 hours after leaving NAS Lemoore. The usual camphosts Tony and Mary are gone for a week but were very kind in holding our "usual" site along with a tent site for the boys. That was pretty nice of them! Thanks Mary! I hadn't met Grant before but he's a cool guy and got us checked-in quickly.

I got us all hooked up and my Mom helped me put up the tents for the boys. One person cannot put up those tents, it requires 2. So I got the poles ready and she stepped inside and held the poles up while I bent them in place. Took us only about 5 minutes a tent. Thanks Mother!

So everything was ready for Maria, the boys and their friends. We talked when she was about 15 minutes away and fired up the grill and started BBQing burgers and dogs. That went over well with all the boys.

We have SIX teenage boys staying in 2 tents. So far they've been real good.

As you can see there is WiFi at the base exchange so I'll do my journal entries everyday.

I should post some pictures later today or tomorrow.

Be safe!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

First leg of our journey to Travis!

Today marked our first leg of our journey---I took the motorhome out of storage! Yeah! Well the first thing I noticed was that the MH was in need of a good washing. But first I needed to get the fluids checked and tires aired up.
Well much easier said than done. I had been meaning to get valve extenders put on, especially for the duallies, just hadn't had the time. So that's what I started with. I went to Western RV in Lemoore off CA-198 and had them installed. That process took about 1 hour. I passed the time by calling Maria and giving her the saga of the valve extenders issue...she was busy with her daycare kids so I said my "love you's" and hung up. Then started to read past issues of Trailer Life in their lobby. That passed the time well.
So after I got that done I went back to the base and gave it a good washing. That took a while, but it's done now. Only problem now is the wind is blowing around 15mph and blowing dust pretty wildly. So I'm sure it will need to be washed again soon.
Well as I write this I am home getting stuff ready to leave tomorrow and the MH is sitting in a site at the base RV park. I'm going back in a few hours after I load everything up.
Next time I write, we'll be at Travis.
For all those on the safe and ARRIVE ALIVE!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The good -- and the bad!

Well I don't which news to start off with...we'll go with the good: I got an "A" in my International Business Class! OK, now the bad: I did not get selected for promotion to Senior Chief. That was my SIXTH time up for promotion. The promotion was 3% this year. The advancement rate goes from 2-4 percent, haven't seen it over 4% in about 8 years. We have a saying in the Navy: "Choose your Rate--Choose your Fate!"
As with all corporations, although the Administrative Department is the backbone of any organization, we are just not truly appreciated for the service we give. Yes, I know many people say "thank you....I really appreciate it", but many people look down on Administrative Professionals. OK---I'm off my soap box, you won't here it from me again.

I just wanted to put this into cyber space....I feel better now.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Welcome Home Shane!

My brother just returned from his tour of duty in Iraq. He is a Gunnery Sergeant in the USMC and that was his 2nd tour in Iraq since this war started.

Both times he has brought home every Marine he left with! Thank God for his leadership, every Marine is a better Marine for serving with Shane.

I don't have any pics of him, but he's going with us next weekend to Travis and I'll get some then.

Speaking of that---we're going to Travis for the Memorial Weekend Holiday. My Mother is going with us and staying in our MH with Maria and I, the boys are each bringing a friend (or two) and they will be staying in tents about 30 feet from our MH site in the FAMCAMP.

Travis has a great FAMCAMP and it is just across the street from the back of the PX and Teen Center. The reason we go there is because they have a HUGE paintball park, called Extreme Paintball. It is condemned military housing (about 10 square blocks) and they have an EXTREME time with the paintball. They are not allowed to go into the housing, but go around it, hide in some dug in cement get the drift. I'll take some pictures and post those when we return. I think they have WI-FI, if they do I'll upload while I'm there.

For our RV-dreams friend, Dee; don't worry, I'll take a picture of the front gate and upload that as well.

So tomorrow is my International Business class final, and I'll have lots of free time after work next week to prepare the MH for our underway time of 0700 on Friday, 23 May. Maria won't be with me to do her normal "getting underway" checklist, but my Mom is going with me so she'll have to get her PQS (Navy talk) signed off very quickly.

Maria is coming later on Friday with the boys and their friends when they get out of school. So I'll get up there about noon and she'll get there about 1900. I'll have dinner ready when they arrive and also have the tents/sleeping bags ready to go so we can just relax and enjoy the evening.

We're taking our German Sheperd, Buck for protection. He'll likely be more of a pain, but he'll have a good time in the open ball parks and many trails that Travis has on base.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's been awhile!

I know it's been a month since I last posted. We have been busy and really haven't had much to report. We go to work, kids go to school...then come home, study and go to sleep. Not too much fun.

We have a trip coming up on Memorial Weekend to Travis AFB but we're not taking the motorhome out before then. The price of gas is just so crazy here in CA...$3.85/gallon. So we're doing much less than we thought we would this spring.

For all those traveling on the safe--God speed!


Monday, March 10, 2008

Same 'Ol Monday

Well today for another work week that started out busy for both of us and, of course, the boys are back in school. Although next week is Spring Break for the kids, I have the next 2 weeks off from college.

Not too much went today, again, just another day at work and school.

I am definitely going to get the leak fixed in our motorhome this weekend. I know I have some water damage to the ceiling material, I'll have to see if I can fix that.

All of our RV friends stay safe on the road!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Joey's NJROTC Competition!

Joey and his NJROTC Armed Drill Platoon had their annual SECA Competition at Sanger High School on Saturday. Maria, Kay (my Mother) and I all went to the competition. They did OUTSTANDING and placed SECOND! I wish I would have stayed to watch the entire competition because I would have liked to see the JROTC Unit that beat them.


We left after Joey performed and yes, of course, we went to our favorite Mexican Food restaurant, La Fiesta. Another great meal at La Fiesta!!

Thomas stayed home and finished his English homework because he wanted to go to with his friends and do his skateboarding. He is doing homework on Romeo and Juliet and is writing about different scenes.

After lunch, Maria brought me home and her and Kay went to the Commissary and I went to Hollywood Video to get some movies for Saturday night. I did get the movies I wanted; Into the Wild, Rendition and Freedom Writers. I watched Rendition and Freedome Writers (which I've seen before) and had an entertaining afternoon.

I know, I know....I should have been sealing the leak in our RV. I won't bore you with my excuses.......I just didn't do it. But will this next week.

I finished my Business Management class with Columbia and got an "A"! The final was a bear, but plunged through it. My next class is International Business, and yes I'm looking forward to that.

As promised in an earlier post, here is another picture of the magnificent island of Iceland. If you remember I referred to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and also provided a link ---- well here is a picture of the Blue Lagoon on a beautiful COLD winter day. One of my favorite places in the world!!

Quote of the day: I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it. ~Thomas Jefferson

Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Maria!

Today is Maria's birthday....I don't think she cares I say her age, 38! Two more years to the big FOUR ZERO!!

Maria and I met when she was 18, 2 months before she was 19. I remember very clearly just how beautiful she was when I first layed eyes on her......WOW----what a sight!!

Well I haven't blogged in a few days. This last week was very hectic and my WiFi while I was on travel wasn't cooperating.

So I finished my travel on Wednesday night and got home around 1930. I left San Diego at 1400 and made it in 5 1/2 hours and that was with moderate traffic through LA. I probably drove a little fast...I passed many RV's, and they were probably saying...look at the crazy driver! But hey, I was driving my Honda Accord, not my motorhome. I'm a careful driver and when I can put the petal to the metal I will, but very safe and I don't weave in and out of traffic---that's just crazy.

So for Maria's birthday we are not going out to dinner. Maria wants to cook tonight----can you believe that! I wanted to take her out, but she wanted to make tri-tip and all the fixin's. So that's what we're doing. We'll go out to dinner and movie on Sunday. That's the way she wants it.

So off to go upstairs with Maria while we have the house to ourselves! SSSSHHHHH!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Travel Day; But not in our RV!

Sunday was a travel day for me. I was driving from our home in Hanford, CA to San Diego, CA -- 350 miles. Now that's really not very far, but add going through the heart of LA....and it's a long drive. I came to a complete stop twice. Once a complete dead-still stop for about 5 minutes, then we inched for about the next 2 miles for a total of about 30 minutes. It was an accident, and of course; the proverbial Lookie-Lou's!

I left at 1400 and arrived San Diego at 2000. Not bad considering I had to go to the base first to get my ID Card (I left it there Friday in my work computer) and pick up a point paper for this conference I'm attending this week.

The boys were out doing their weekend activities; Thomas was skateboarding with his friends and Joseph was at the Gym with his friend Nick. I told them to be home at 1530 so they could get ready for this week. They don't understand why they need to be home so early. Basically, it's because "I CAN!" (LOL!) Isn't that the way we were all raised? Our parents put these crazy limitations on us and of course, we never understood WHY? I would ask my Mom when I was a teenager WHY??? She would...because I SAY SO ---- OR Because I can! So my kids have to go through it to.

Maria and I had lunch at, of course....our favorite Mexican food restaurant, La Fiesta. I have to go there AT LEAST once a week. I love it, and they know us. It's nice to walk in and someone say HI...want your usual? That's cool.

Well Monday will be busy for me. I need to go to the bank for my command's MWR, go see a few friends in San Diego that I haven't seen in about 2 years and do LOTS reading gearing up for the conference tomorrow and Wednesday.

I don't have any pics of Iceland today. But when I post later I will.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Neat Surpise.....and cool story to go with it!

Well before I get to my surprise and cool story I have to say that my work day yesterday (Friday) was another day of craziness. Since I had Thursday off, I walked into many taskers that needed my attention and quickly. So I handled all those and moved onto the routine issues that come up on a daily basis. I didn't leave work until 1800! Got to work at 0645, 45 minutes shy of a 12 hour work day---without even lunch! Straight through and hectic minute after minute.

Now the reason I prefaced with that was because for me my surprise was so awesome and just really realaxed me and got me calm down from that hectic day. So here it is.

I got home around 1815 and Maria was up in our bedroom waiting for me. (NO....this is a clean story....). Well we talked for a few minutes about our days and our kids' day, etc. and then I took my uniform off and went to reach under my bed pillow for my favorite t-shirt and.....there was an envelope and a bag of M&M's (my favorite candy). I opened the card and it was from Maria. The card was a poem about love and the years couples spend together and their love seems to grow and get stronger...and you become soul mates. Well, inside the card she handwrote: I can't wait for our life together living side-by-side in our RV and enjoying eachother...making great memories." She signed it "Dagny, Your Navigator". (Dagny is her Icelandic given name. You say it "DINEE"). Her appointed job in our RV life is the Navigator.

Well I'm not a very emotional person in front of people, yes that includes my wife, but that really got me. It just solidified that we're synced in our dream and our love of RVing.

That just really made my week....heck MY LIFE!!

I say this to all our FTing friends.......we're on our way soon--so save some of the road tar for us to burn up!

Well after that we had our usual pizza for dinner. We were up in our room watching a few TV shows and the boys were downstairs watching The Matrix. I can't believe it, they actually didn't stay the night over one of their friends' house. This must go down in the books. LOL! They usually stay one night of a weekend over one of their friends' house. They have different friends and so far we haven't had any issues, so as long as they keep up their good behavior and don't do something wrong, we'll allow it.

I can't believe I forgot to say this; Maria received an important phone call Friday morning from her sister Olof that lives in Jacksonville, FL. She is coming out here on 23 March for a week. That is so awesome. We haven't seen Olof for about 14 years. We've had her 3 kids stay a summer with us about 3 years ago, but they flew out here to us and then flew home. So this time Olof is coming by herself and the kids are staying in Flordia with their dad. I'm glad for Maria, she's very excited!

So as I promised, here's another picture of the land of Fire and Ice (Iceland):

Jökulsárlón (Glacier Bay). You can see the largest glacier in Europe: Vatnajokull in the back of the picture. This is the most majestic place I think I have ever visited anywhere in the world! You don't hear a sound, the water is peaceful and the iceburgs are HUGE.

Thought of the Day: The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart. ~Helen Keller

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Honey To-Do List!

I took a day of leave to catch up on my list, and also to go to my sons' school.....well the school I went to, but didn't do ONE THING on my list. I haven't had a day off in a while and needed to catch up on my homework, that I did.

Maria was busy with her daycare children so I took care of my school work while she was with the kids. We had lunch together and that was nice.

Tonight we went out to dinner with our youngest son, Tom, and we had a good time.

Not happy with myself because I didn't get anything done with my motorhome. I'll definitely need to get it done this weekend before rain rolls back in.

As I said in my last post, I will post pictures of Iceland, Maria's homeland. Maria is a naturalized US citizen since 2001. Although her allegiance is to the United States she has an undying love for her Nordic roots in Iceland. So here's another picture of a truly awe inspiring landscape of Iceland:

Godafoss: One of the many, many waterfalls in Iceland

Thought of the Day: Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. ~Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Manic Monday followed by Crazy Tuesday!!

Well as you all know I had this simulated disaster that the U.S. Navy put into motion and we had to muster 1,392 Sailors/Marines and their family members. Monday it started about 0930 and we just finished it today at 1600. Absolute craziness throughout the entire event. But we got 100 muster completed 24 HOURS EARLIER THAN THE DEADLINE!! My Admin PRO's are so awesome, specifically my Admin Supervisor, YN2 Jonathan Broglie--good on him! So that made my Department Head and I look good and now I'm happy. I just sweat these things so much.

Another reason to get out of the rat race and get to our Full-Time lifestyle.

I want to say welcome to Maria's family from Iceland and Florida that are starting to read this blog. We're very excited about you all reading this and YES we're coming back to Iceland before we start our fulltime RV life. Hopefully we can come back and bring Joey and Tom with us. Don't forget when we come we want to go Husafell and go arond the island again! Great times to be had.

For all others here's a picture of Iceland. The mountain is the inactive volcano that is about 1/2 mile outside Grindavik (that's where Maria was born). The billowing steam is the famous Blue Lagoon. We went there many, many times when we lived in Iceland....we loved every time we went. The lava beds capped with Northern Moss surround the mountain....beautiful site to see. I'll upload photos often of the tranquil island of Iceland.

Thanks to the advice received by some of our RV-dreams chat room friends Jenny and Penny I'll be fixing my roof leak on Friday. Cross your fingers this works....and yes I know Penny....put the butyl tape on first then the sealant!

Thought of the day: Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'Press On' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.
Calvin Coolidge (1872 - 1933)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rain Wash!

Well as you can see by today's title that California is full of RAIN! What's nice about the rain is that my cars get washed. Although the rain didn't wash them as good I would have.

The weekend wasn't eventful--we didn't do anything exciting. Although I wanted to do some maintenance on the MH I didn't want to get out there in the rain, kind of defeating the purpose right now.

I completed my business management class 98%! I will sign up for next semester this week. I will be taking Statistics and Business Ethics--doesn't that sound fun and exciting?!

Today we did our grocery shopping at the base Commissary and then went to our favorite Mexican Restaurant, La Fiesta. We came home and watched a movie with Kevin Bacon titled Death Sentence. Good movie but at times was way too many curse words and a little unbelievable--but it filled the day with entertainment.

Tomorrow will bring my favorite pass time---WORK! Tomorrow will be crazy because the Navy is doing a muster exercise and my subordinates and I need to muster 700 Sailors/Marines and their families. Monumental task, and it will be disasterous to say the least. I will write tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

Thought of the Day: Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first. ~Mark Twain

Friday, February 22, 2008

Day of Leave!

Today I took a day of leave (vacation) so I could take my Mom to have oral surgery. That went OK, she is home resting. She had to have her left top/bottom wisdom teeth taken out. She's 61 and just now doing it. I had mine out before I was 18.

After I returned from taking her I came home and spent the day with Maria. We had lunch together and just spent a few hours together. Well actually, I surfed the net while she watched Law & Order. But it does feel good to be off work just to veg. I would have done more but it is raining pretty hard so I can't get out to our RV to do some maintenance.

Not too sure what I'll be doing this weekend if it is still raining. I know I have a paper to write. This paper is about empowering subordinates and teamwork. Good subjects and fun to debate.

Well back to my internet surfing; I was reviewing information on camp hosting and workamping. I found a great website for seasonal work at Yellowstone. We are very excited about all the opportunities for us.

To update you on our plan: We retire in 30 September 2010 and hopefully our house will be sold by then. I will be 42 and Maria 41, so we are very able to work and we WANT to work. We know we can't just site see and "hang out" for the rest of our lives. Even though we will have our retirement checks and we'll have living money we still are too young to just completely quit the working life. So we want to camphost / workamp to keep things fun and interesting while making a few bucks.

Also during this time I will complete my MBA and be ready to reenter the "rat race" if we desire in the future. I have my GI Bill that will pay for's use or lose and I certainly won't be in the lose category.

So we'll see what happens this weekend and what more information I can find. If any of you have information / websites for camphosting or workamping please share.

Thought of the Day: A person is a success if they get up in the morning and gets to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do. ~Bob Dylan

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is Retirement Close?!

This was my thought today....I will retire from active service from the U.S. Navy on 20 September 2010. Wow, that seems so far away. So I'm working very hard to complete my B.S. Business Management degree so I can move on to my MBA. That sure will be sweet when that's complete.

But today was one of those days when I think, just can't wait to get away from the rat race. We're planning our hangar renovation and also trying to do our daily regular tasks...just lots of work to do. Doesn't seem like enough time in the day. But I just had to leave work early today to keep my sanity, so I left at 1700. Sometimes I stay until 1800 or later, but I'm just starting to get burned out with that.

Not much more happened today. Both Maria and I worked, kids went to school...just another day in the Borba household.

Tonight we'll watch the American Idol competition. Tonight is the girls' turn, yesterday was the boys'. They didn't do well, can't really see any of them in the top 3, but you never know. Other than, homework for the boys while Maria and I relax a bit.

Thought of the Day: "Work is the true elixir of life. The busiest man is the happiest man. Excellence in any art or profession is attained only by hard and persistent work. Never believe that you are perfect. When a man imagines, even after years of striving, that he has attained perfection, his decline begins."
-Sir Theodore Martin

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jury Duty!

Well Maria was on the hook for Jury Duty today. She has a real problem in doing this civic duty due to her self-employment. Remember, Maria owns/operates a home child development center. So anyway, when she takes time off it causes all kinds of drama with a few of her clients. Some are welfare-to-work and if she's off they don't see where I'm going. So she had her turn to talk to the Judge and she told him that and he excused her...this time! She will have to go back in a year. We'll see what happens that time around.

Today for me was back to work and immediately got busy dealing with Personnel issues. So I did my usual morning rituals of reading the military message board, emails and voice mails. Of course, each of those gave me a new round of taskers to ensure I got done. So my Sailors and I worked, worked, and worked more...and YES, we got everything done. I have great Sailors that I can count on to get the work done. Good TEAMWORK makes all the difference.

I got my weekly haircut from John the Barber in Hanford. John and his wife Kathy are great people and have been very good to my family and me. They have been cutting our hair since 2002. I love to just sit down in John's chair, have a good haircut (that I don't have to keep giving intricate directions on how I want it), a close arond the ears/neck shave with a sharp razor and of course, GREAT conversation. We normally sit down for about 30 minutes and typically solve all the problems of the world before I leave....only to meet the next week and solve more problems. No I'm not running for President!

So tonight I will do some homework, read fellow RVer blogs and probably get on the RV-Dreams chat room.

Thought of the Day: "For success, it's better to be like a turtle. Sometimes scared and staying inside your shell for protection but never stopping, always walking, in one direction to achieve the goal."

Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Fun + Class "C" Roof Leak

We took out our MH and we had a good time. Just to be alone was great. It was peaceful. So here's what we did:

Friday: I secured my department at 1230, and let everyone go to get busy with their weekend plans. I left at 1230 to have lunch my good friend, Paula. But the problem was 1230 was our time to meet. I was 10 minutes late. I apologized for my rudeness but was quickly assured no worries. Paula certainly understands as she was my previous boss, my command's Command Master Chief. Great lady and American Patriot!

So after lunch I took out our MH from the on-base RV Storage and got it all set up on the campgrond on the base. Not a great place, but it works for cleaning, etc. You can see the campground here: I was set up in about 10 minutes and then went to the commissary to get food and then waited for Maria. But I still had 2 hours before would get off work and get to the base. So I went to the base "Single Sailor" center and internet cafe and got on line and chatted with my RV friends on the chat room. Also did some homework on line until I got the call from Maria that she would be arriving soon. So logged off and waited.....I just love waiting around...NOT!

Saturdy: I went to work at 0800 and stayed until about 1400 doing my weekly homework and writing. I went to work because my computer WI-FI doesn't reach to the base campground and I needed to do some research and get my paper uploaded on line. So Maria slept in and I did my homework. After I returned, we just hung around the RV and cleaned. I didn't fix my leak because the stuff I want I can't get until Tuesday, so I'll fix this next weekend. Watched some TV and off to bed.

Sunday: We woke up and off we went to our favorite Mexican Food restaurant in Hanford, La Fiesta. After our great lunch we went home to check on the boys and our house (you have to do that with 16 year olds), everything was fine except they didn't do their chores so I wasn't a "happy camper". They quickly did what they needed to then they were off with their friends. So Maria relaxed at home while I caught up on RV blogs, and checked out my grade for the weekly paper. I got another "A"! YEAH!! So off to the MH for another night. We stopped off at the video store and got a few movies. I fell asleep and Maria stayed up for a while.

Monday: We put the MH away and back to home. House looked great and the boys were getting ready to see their friends. So here I am catching up on our blog again.

We talked quite a bit this weekend about our future Full-Timing Life. We both are very committed to do this as soon as possible. We will need to wait until 2010 for both boys to be out of the house, then sell this place. We're certainly hoping the housing market gets much better by then. We are sold on our plan to camp host, then take trips on our way from one host spot to the other. We'll have to see how this plan will work.

Thought for the day: Plan Your Work -- Work Your Plan.

Monday, February 11, 2008

* Mundane Monday *

Today was another repetitive Monday. Go to work, come home and read for awhile. Just started watching O'Reilly Factor -- Love the No Spin Zone. Today was another good talk about body language. I always catch myself being aware of my body language. How many of us have heard, actions speak louder than words? Prime example.

So much to do to get things ready for our departure in Oct 2010. I know that may sound far off, but it really isn't. Like Dee (an RV-Dreams chat frient), I am going to start scanning and chronical all of our photos; that will be a chore. I already have a scanner, but I want to get one that is really good for pictures. I'll have to do some research on that.

Well, not much to report and I don't just want to babble. So, that's it for tonight.

Stand-by for my next post.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Playing Catch Up!

Well sorry to my friends in RV-Dreams chat room. I know I said I was going to give you the details on the "plane wash". Well this last week has been crazy, just like every week at work is. I just got busy with work and this very hard business management class I'm taking. OK, so enough with that, here we go:

Tuesday: I went to work as usual, but this time I took my coveralls to work so I could participate in a plane wash. The reason I was in the plane wash is because I was PAID to do it. Yep, that's right, PAID. Well I didn't get any money, but the money was paid by my wonderful Sailors who wanted to see me wash the 30 million dollar plane!

Last October our command was raising money for our Annual Christmas Party. As with other Naval Aviation commands, the inevitable "KHAKI Plane Wash" comes to mind. Easy rules, Sailors pay $1.00 a vote and the top 5 KHAKI's (Chief's) with the most votes will wash the plane. So I tell my Divisional Supervisors and my Sailors that I WILL NOT wash the plane for anything less than $ get your check books out and pay-up.

Well this was successful to a point. I ended up getting the most votes -- 96 VOTES! But remember I said $200.00, that was the unsuccessful part, didn't get there. So we were going to do this plane wash in November 2007, but with all the detachments within our squadron and the holidays, we never go around to it.

So, Tuesday, 5 February 2008 was the date! Come hell or high water we were going to do it on this date....and we did! It took us 5 Chief's and 1 Officer (Our "Gunner"--Weapons Officer) 90 minutes to complete the task. So there you have it....that's how the Chief of Administration (HR Director) washed a fighter jet!

Now the next thing I need to do is post a picture. I would do that now, but can't get it off my thumb drive, I'll have to figure that out and get it posted. I'll let you know when it's posted.

Well Wednesday through Saturday was spent going about my daily routine at work and then press-on with the class. Well my hard-work paid off, somewhat. I received an "A" on the weekly paper, but got a "B" on my mid-term! I'm not loosing too much sleep over it. My grade is still a 94.33%.

Our boys stayed the night at their friends' house and they will be back later today. So Maria and I had a great time last night and she slept in until about 1000. But I told her since I was such a nice guy and "let" her sleep in she should take me to La Fiesta for lunch! So she said OK, but she made me pay for it!! What's up with that?! La Fiesta is a mexican restaurant in Hanford, CA---and it's the best we've EVER HAD! You know it's good when you walk in and 50% of the customers are Mexican and speaking spanish. That's the biggest compliment of all.

We didn't go RVing this weekend because of my paper and mid-term, so we pushed that off until next weekend. We're not sure where we will be going...but out of here! I'm hoping for the beach--just north of Morro Bay is a beautiful state park called San Simeon, and it's right on the beach.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday--Back to Work! And our Decision is Solidified!!

OK, to start off, Maria and I have solidified our DREAM! We have decided we are going Fulltime on 1 October 2010!!
We have chose 2010 for a myriad of reasons:
(1) Our second son, Tom, will graduate June 2010 from high school and is flying the coop. (Our older son, Joey, graduates June 2009 from high school and going into the Marine Corps).
(2) I retire from U.S. Navy active service after 23 years on 30 September 2010.
(3) Maria and I will be married 20 YEARS on 22 December 2010!
So 2010 has many GREAT things happening and we think it's only fitting to make 2010 a new year on many levels.

In the Navy we have a saying "When you grow up what do you want to do". What we mean by that is when you RETIRE (grow up) what are you going to do. Well I've told all of my friends at work about this and some think we're nuts! How many of you full-timers get that when you told your friends you were doing it?

So now on to our list of many, many things to do. I have to first say Thank You to Howard and Linda on for creating a great website and chat room that has truly inspired us to make this move. Also to all those great friends on the RV-Dreams chat room---you guys are great! We will be bending your ear and I ask for one thing---PATIENCE! I will probably be venting now and again, but I know you all have been through this and will understand.

OK, so I digressed for a minute. But we are going to get serious about this.

Please stay tuned for what lies ahead....

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Back on Track

Almost a month has gone by without a post. Thanks to my friends on the RV-DREAMS.COM chat I have a renewed desire to keep up the posts.

Yesterday was filled with work and writing a very long paper for my Business Management class. I certainly cannot wait until I have my education completed. Although I enjoy education, I think it is not always fun because I have to do it. I enjoy the reading and research...I love learning.

Speaking of learning, I just can't stay off the forum. I learn so much there and it certainly kept me from spending a lot of money once on my generator. Thanks firedude!

Update on the boys: Joey went to his NJROTC Ball Friday night, he really had a good time. Tom stayed with his friend last night, so we'll see if he's tired today. Tomorrow is a new school week and they need to jump back on track.

Maria and I have plans to take the RV out this weekend. I will need to get the propane tank filled and make the reservation. We're excited!

I'll stay on top of the posts. Thanks to the friends in the rv-dreams chat room for the rekindle!

Say a prayer for my comrades in the military -- we need it!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Our 1st Blog!

This is our 1st Blog. Our Blog is named "Our Road to Freedom", because we are on the "road" to meeting our goal of the utlimate Full Time in our RV.

We have been blessed with two great kids. They are 16 and 15, a Junior and Sophmore in High School. Maria and I are doing everything we can to get them to be fine young men. We are preparing them to grow up and have the "wings" we did, and fly the coop! (Pray for us).

So, this blog will document our pursuit of the lifestyle we know we will have one day. So be patient and enjoy the ride along with us.

For our RV Family, Maria and I are looking forward to your thoughts and guidance along this trip. We are looking for you to keep us on-track, and keep our sights on that wonderful day when we sell our home, retire from the rat-race and move into our RV FULL TIME!

Thank you for taking the time to read....until next time....