Friday, May 23, 2014

Yet again....It's been a while.

We are going to get back into blogging. To bring you up to speed.

Our truck: 2014 3500HD Silverado, 4X4, DRW, LOADED! We love it!
Hitch: Trailer Saver TS3 Air Ride (Air Suspension hitch). We love it!
Rig: 2007 Heartland Landmark Monticello. We love it!

Our plans are to move out of military housing on 25 September and live full-time in our FW until I retire in 2017. So this blog will chronicle our move into the rig, living in the rig until we finally get on the road FULLTIME on 19 May 2017.

We also will add our amazing adventures here in Maryland / Virginia / Delaware / Pennsylvania / New Jersey -- and maybe West Virginia and New York. We are going to hit every National Park in these states while we are here and hike, bike, and kayak as much as we can in all these areas. We will probably do this using a tent as it won't be very easy to take the rig out every weekend - while I'd love to do that, we'll save that for those times when we're gone for 5+ days at a time.

Our rig is still "winterized" -- yes = not fun yet. We have an appointment with an RV service center for 27 June. They will de-winterize, and check/service every component of the rig. After that we will take it out to only the Family Camp in Ft. Meade until we take it to the RV-Dreams Fall Rally in September.

So....stay tuned - lots of exciting and amazing stuff happening in our life.