Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back in the Blogging Game!!!

Back! I've talked with some of you in emails, Facebook or chat; so everyone knows the plan. Fulltime RV next April and change our course on "service to country" by Fulltime Volunteering within the National Park Service, Corps of Engineers, State and County Parks and maybe Bureau of Land Management and Fish and Wildlife Agency.

I've served 25 years as an Active Duty Sailor and Maria has served as a spouse (the ABSOLUTE HARDEST job in the Navy!!) and served as a Early Childhood Development Teacher for military children for the last 17 years!

We have served to protect this great country and now we want to serve in a different way. Another adventure to conquer!!

We are very excited about this and hope you all will enjoy following our mission to serve and travels.

For all those FULLTIMERS on the road us some tar!

364 days left!!

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